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Mar. 11

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — On Tuesday, leadership training nonprofit ATXelerator hosted a virtual discussion about homelessness and policies for camping in public spaces.
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Nov. 23

A little more than a month out from officially taking her seat as the Austin City Councilwoman for District 2, Vanessa Fuentes knows she still has work to do to get acquainted with all of the inner workings of the city's government. Her preparation, however, began even before her campaign during a boot camp of sorts.

Oct. 22

The ATXelerator aims to provide aspiring public officials with an experiential education on how Austin city government functions.

Aug. 03

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AUSTIN, TEXAS — The ATXelerator on Monday announced Here To Help ATX raised more than $10,000 in its two-week virtual fundraiser for Foundation Communities' Emergency Assistance Fund.

July 20

The ATXelerator announced Here To Help ATX, a virtual fundraising effort July 13-26, benefiting Foundation Communities’ Emergency Relief Fund.


Jan. 09

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The nonprofit and nonpartisan Center for Austin’s Future was formed by a group of business and political leaders concerned over a lack of meaningful progress from City Council...


June 18

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The new ATXelerator wants to prepare future city leaders, but will it be just yield more of the same?

Feb. 13

It's 5 p.m. on a Friday at a hip bar and hostel in East Austin. Half a dozen people occupy the blue velvet booths and alternative dance music blares overhead...

Feb. 11

In Austin, a political nonprofit is taking a Shark Tank-style approach to finding and training candidates to run for office.

Jan. 17

2019 Int 4.JPG
What makes ATXelerator different from other candidate schools is that it’s also part tech accelerator. 


Dec. 21

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Imagine an accelerator, but for aspiring politicians and commissioners instead of startup companies.

Oct. 23

2019 End 2.jpg
High-profile names from the political and business worlds are collaborating to propel more qualified officeholders to halls of power in Austin.

Oct. 20

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Got a yen for public service? See yourself on the City Coun­cil dais, voting to extend another meeting past 10pm? The newly founded Center for Austin's Future wants your number...

Oct. 04

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Accelerators have played a big role in helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into tech startups -- and a wide variety of other businesses.
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