Progress takes courage.  It takes vision. We need leaders who will put people over politics and innovate through the big issues to move our city forward. In a city that has doubled in population every 20-25 years since its founding in 1847, a growth versus no-growth political divide is a false dichotomy. Austin grows because it’s a great place to live. Let’s, as a community, accept this fact and get ahead of growth by planning for it.

For too long, our city has not appropriately invested in transportation infrastructure to provide enough multi-modal choices for Austinites to move in and around the city and region. We need more capacity, including a robust public transit system to move Austinites in a more efficient and effective manner, and the early adoption of promising new technologies in mobility.

We must address the cost of living increases that are pushing families and businesses out of our city.  Unnecessary and cumbersome overregulation limits housing supply from hitting the market in a timely manner, putting artificial upward pressure on rents and housing prices. Property taxes are on the rise on an annual basis. From 2007 to 2017, levied taxes by the city of Austin increased 100 percent from $307,929,055 to $617,275,588.

We need leaders who will be accountable to the entire city, not just their district or the voters who supported them. Austin wins when its elected representatives look out for the best interests of all Austinites.


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