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ATXelerator Session #6: Public Safety

Many thanks to APA President Ken Casaday, Police Oversight Director Farah Muscadin and AFA President Bob Nicks for giving great overviews of the Austin Police and Fire Departments. Public safety is a bedrock responsibility of municipal government and Austin is well served by the men and women who serve and protect the almost one million people who call Austin home. One stat that jumped out from Farah, who came from Chicago, is that Austin has just under 1,900 police officers while Chicago has more than 13,000. The windy city is not quite three times larger than Austin. Maybe crime is more of an issue in Chicago? Just a little ...

APD Oversight Director Farah Muscadin presenting to the 2019 ATXelerator class.

Austin Fire Association President Bob Nicks presenting to the 2019 ATXelerator class.

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